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The Dermatology department at MedVet Cincinnati is dedicated to providing expert, compassionate care. Our team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the skin and coat, including nose, ears, nails, and footpads. As pet owners and caregivers ourselves, we understand what your pet means to you and your family. That’s why our team has created helpful resources for you.

Video Resources

Meet The Specialist - Dr. Peter Canning, Veterinary Dermatology


What To Expect: Comprehensive Dermatology Exam


How To Clean Your Pet's Ears


How to Give Your Pet an Allergy Shot


What To Expect Resources


What To Expect: Initial Dermatology Consultation


What To Expect: Dermatology Procedure




To discuss your pet's dermatology needs or learn more about the benefits of our dermatology services, contact MedVet Cincinnati.


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